KALIOSH silicone overshoes are made for everyday protection of your shoes and feet.
These good looking and easy to wear overshoes will make you feel safe and comfortable in any weather conditions.
Just put it on your shoes and enjoy.
When needed, take them of, clean and put it again. You can take these overshoes with you or keep it in the car, work, purse or any other comfortable place and use it whenever you like.



  • Protects your shoes and legs from water, mud, dirt, sand and etc.
  • Saves your favorite shoes and makes it last longer
  • Simple to wash and dry
  • ​Useful in any weather conditions


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adapts to the shape of the shoes
  • Long lasting
  • Nice feeling to walk with it on your shoes
  • ​Non slip pad secures your steps​


  • Easy to fold and put to your bag or even to your pocket
  • Comfortable to take while traveling
  • Convenient to take with you every and beneficial when you don't know if it will rain​


  • Vast variety of colors for any taste
  • Fashionable and unique accent
  • Good looking on most of the shoe models
  • Fits with classic, casual and sports styles